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6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I like a lot to work with Tzariena as make-up artist & hairstylist on photoshoots and fashion projects! It was a pleasure to me to work with Tzariena as a model on Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Amsterdam 2015 and I had such an amazing experience! She made for me an adorable red dress which I was completely in love with! She made my day! Other models in dresses by Tzariena also looked great!
    Pictures of her work speak for themselves!
    She is very professional and positive person! I would highly recommend her to everyone!

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  2. A very good one! Liked a lot. Consider it to be a rather professional as well as pleasant piece of work to say nothing of the dresses, they are marvelous! Очень понравилось. Считаю, что выполнено достойно и профессионально.
    Желаю всяческих успехов и процветания!

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  3. Всё, что я вижу – очень красиво, женственно и очень интерено. Чуствуется профессиональный подход во всем: ткань, стиль. Работа моделей фотографа заслуживает отдельных аплодисментов. Талантливо и оригинально. Ждём новинки дорогая Тzarienafashion.

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  4. Tzariena brand has lovely creations! Every item is unique and made from gorgeous top quality fabrics. I know Larisa personally and I can say that she is a very kind, warm and passionate person in every aspect! It reflects in her work, where she puts a lot of her positive energy! So if you ladies want to look feminine, fabulous and glamourous in everyday life as well as at lavish parties or business presentations – Larisa Radchenko is your woman to dress you up from head to toe:-) She and her professional team will not only make you a tailor-made dress, but also style you pretty with accessories (and I am not even mentioning the make-over photosessions)! In my opinion a great look is made with love. Here you are absolutely at the right address!

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